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Hello. I am Peter Cracknell and I am 53 years old. I am very fortunate to live in Marin County, California. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Adencarcinoma, which is also referred to as stage-three pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, my surgeon was able to resect the tumor in September of 2017. I’ve been on an adjunct chemotherapy regimen that is scheduled to end in April 2018.

I hope the reason for this website is clear to you. I am eager to find practitioners and organizations that can offer complementary therapies that will keep my cancer at bay. I believe I am an excellent candidate to provide the best possible outcomes for you and your organization.

I want to sincerely thank you for visiting this website and hope that we will be able to embark on a dialog together very soon. Thank you.


Letter from Oncologist

Re: Peter Cracknell, DOB: May 1964

To Whom It May Concern,

I am the oncologist overseeing care of Mr. Peter Cracknell. Here is a synopsis of treatment to date:

June 26 2017 FNA of Pancreatic Head Mass + Adenocarcinoma (borderline resectable)

July 14-August 27, 2017 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy with FOLFIRINOX (C1 7/14/17, C2 7/27/14, C3 8/9/17 & C4 8/27/14); referred to Surg Onc for resection

September 11, 2017 Whipple resection (pylorus preserving) path T1N2

November 2, 2017 started adjuvant treatment with Gemcitabine and Capecitabine (q 28-days); last treated with Cycle 3 Day 15 on January 11, 2018 and Cycle 4 Day scheduled for January 25, 2018. Plan for a total of 6 cycles.

If you have further questions, please contact my nurse Elizabeth Dito at 415-353-7244.

Thank you.


Eric Collisson, M.D.

Department of Medicine

Division of Hematology/Oncology

University of California,

San Francisco

1600 Divisadero Street, 4th Floor

UCSF Box 1705

San Francisco, CA 94115

Tel: 415-353-9888

Fax: 415-353-9931


I get by with a little help from my friends


"A big man, with the biggest, kindest heart." - Mark Gibbon

"He is one of those people who can connect with anyone, on their level." - Jeremy Stanley

"His speech is infectious, I often find myself wanting to mimic him." - Close friend



I have a true passion for life.


Being outdoors is a way of life for me. Cycling, running, hiking have all had a profound and lasting impact in my life. It brings me great joy to have made so many friends doing the things I really love. My motto is: be happy.



Peter lives in Mill Valley, California with his wife Lisa and their two rescue dogs Riley and Pearl. His career spans twenty-five years working in the commercial interior design industry.  He has keen interests in following contemporary design for buildings and several lifestyle products.


Career highlights:

  • Senior Consultant, AML Limited, San Francisco
  • Director Business Development, Knoll, San Francisco
  • Executive Vice President of Sales, Vitra, London and NYC
  • Noguchi Museum Recognition Award, Feb 2011


For the past ten years Peter has been a devoted cyclist.  He is one of the Bay Area’s cycling community’s most recognized riders.  As a middle-aged amateur cyclist, Peter has modestly recorded hundreds of the best segment performances on the most challenging roads of northern California.  His achievements have been tracked on Many of his accomplishments have been against younger world-class professional cyclists. 

Prior to embracing an avid cyclists lifestyle, Peter competed in trail running events for ten years.  During this time, Peter achieved high standing results at the

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Petite Syrah wine and Belgian Le Chouffe beer
  • Japanese, Greek and Italian cuisine
  • Watching foreign films
  • Practicing mindfulness

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